1. Begin by going into a preexisting workorder
2. Scroll down until you see a section labeled Materials

3. Click Add Material

4. Fill out each line

  1. Category: Category of the material. ie: Carpet or General Materials
    These can be edited in settings under Pricebook Categories
  2. Store: Select the store the material was purchased at
    Stores are vendors with the type "Other" To add or remove a store, go to Vendors under Home and add a vendor with type "Other"
  3. Payment Method: Method of payment used ie: Personal, Company Card, Company Check, Store Account
  4. Description: Description of what was purchased including the amount spent, quantity, and cost
  5. Receipt Total: Total cost displayed on the receipt
  6. Add Receipt Image: Upload a photo of the receipt

5. Click Add

Now we can view the Material is added to the workorder.

Note that you can only edit the Card, Store, Total, and Receipt Image