1. Click Maintain on the left side of the page

2. Click on Workorders

3. Click Add Workorder

4. Left Side:

Enter in the various lines. Note that lines with a must be filled in.

Right Side:

1. Task: These tasks are specific to the service technician. If a technician is using the mobile application they will not be able to complete the Workorder until the task is checked off that it was completed. Tasks will also be on the Workorder that is sent to external vendors and will appear on the invoice.
2. Related Workorders: Workorders that have been created for this property or unit.
3. Notify Contacts: At this Workorder created phase you can choose who you want to notify that the
Workorder is being created this can be property managers, owners, tenants, and key members of your staff.


1. Drag and drop images or documents related to this Workorder.
2. Save: Save the Workorder, the status of the Workorder will be set to New.
3. Create Estimate: Create an estimate from within the Workorder.
4. Get Approval: This will allow you to select from a contact list and choose who to get Approval from. The Workorder status will change to Pending Approval until either Approved or Denied.

5. Schedule: Select this to Schedule the Workorder to either an Internal Service Technician or External Vendor.
6. Cancel: Cancel the workorder and return to the previous page.