Note: This document and video explain the process for scheduling workorders to an External Vendor. The same process and functionality apply for SMS as it does for Email. For more information on the notifications that go out to external vendors click here.

1. From the workorder detail page, click Schedule 

2. Select your External Vendor

3. Click Schedule

Note: At this point, an email or SMS message have been sent to the vendor asking if they can confirm or deny that they can perform the work. The workorder status will stay "Pending Approval" until either Denied or Confirmed by the vendor. From within the Email or SMS message, the vendor has the ability to schedule the workorder. For more information on the communication between the vendor and the system please go to External Vendor Notifications via Email


Note: To Manual Schedule an External Vendor follows the instructions below. Manual Scheduling can be useful if you have already spoken to the vendor and know what date and time the vendor will complete the work. Manual Schedule will prevent the system from sending out the initial notification to the vendor asking him or her if they can complete the work.

1. Select a workorder to schedule

Maintain > Workorders or Maintain > Schedules > Scheduler

2. Select your vendor and access method

3. Click Manual Schedule

4. Enter the date and time that you and the vendor have previously discussed

5. Click Schedule

Note: At this point, the workorder has the status of Scheduled

6. The day before the scheduled workorder the vendor will receive an email reminding them of the work

7. The day after the scheduled workorder the vendor will receive an email asking if the workorder is completed. If vendor clicks Completed the workorder status will change to Completed. 

8. If the vendor clicks Not Completed an audit will be added to the history, Marked Incomplete, and the status will remain Scheduled. The property management company they will need to contact the vendor to reschedule and extend the scheduled date.