Note: Scheduling a workorder can be done from two different areas within the web application. This document and video will go over those different ways. 

1. Select an unscheduled workorder you would like to schedule. 

Note: In the photo below you can see the status is New and there is no Scheduled date.

2. Click Schedule

3. Click on the line labeled Select Vendor to open the drop down list of vendors or type the vendors name on the line. For this example, we will be scheduling this Workorder to our Internal Vendor & Service Tech

4. Once you have selected your Internal Vendor, the Schedule Calendar will appear. Drag and drop the workorder onto the calendar in a time slot.
Important: DRAG and DROP the workorder number, like what is displayed in the photo below

5. Enter information for every different line.

1. Click on the line to add multiple service techs to the Workorder

 2. Adjust Start and End times

 3. Click on the line to select an access method. IE: None, Tenant Present, Key, or Lock Box

 4. Yes/No answer for Tenant Consent. This is a question that is asked when a tenant submits a Workorder through our tenant portal

5. This is where you enter in any remaining details for the Service Tech

At the bottom under Notifications, select all contact(s) that you want to be notified that the Workorder is being scheduled. These contacts will be notified automatically throughout the rest of the process.

6. Click Schedule **The status of the Workorder will now be updated to Scheduled** 

Note: You can schedule Workorders from the Scheduler under Maintain 

1. Under Maintain, click Scheduler

2. Select a Vendor
For this example, we are using an internal vendor
Note: After dragging and dropping the Workorder complete steps 5 & 6 like you did above

3. Select a Workorder and drag and drop it into the scheduler

Note: The Scheduler has different features to better maximize your service techs efficiency. By setting the correct filters you can schedule your service tech within a certain radius of a specific property

 1. Property - This is the property that you will use as the Epicenter

 2. Nearby Properties - Set your radius between 1mile, 5miles, & 10miles from the property you have selected (in step 1)

 3. Filter Workorders - Click on the line to filter by Workorder ie: New Workorders, In-Progress Workorders, & Scheduled Workorders

Note: Rescheduling a workorder is very similar to how you Schedule a Workorder and can be done in two different areas within the web application

1. Select a Workorder that is already scheduled

2. Click Reschedule

3. Repeat steps 4, 5, & 6

You can also reschedule from the scheduler, to do that follow the instructions below

1. Under Maintain click Scheduler

2. Select a Scheduled Workorder from the Scheduler calendar

3. Click Reschedule

4. Repeat steps 4, 5, & 6