Note: This document and video explain how to Invoice a Workorder, how to add expenses, how to add a pricebook expense, and how to import time and materials from the workorder to the invoice. 

1. Under Maintain click Invoicing 

Maintain > Invoicing

2. Select a workorder to Invoice

Note: The Invoicing page displays only workorders that are Completed and Invoiced. After clicking on a workorder that you would like to invoice you'll be taken to that workorder detail page.

3. Click INVOICE

4. Select your Bill From and Bill Too. To change your Bill From or Bill To, click on the dotted line. If you wish to have the bill to blank select None.

Note: Clicking IMPORT TIME AND MATERIALS will automatically pull in billable hours worked within the workorder as well as materials associated with the workorder.

6. To add an expense such as a pricebook item click NEW EXPENSE

 1. Imported billable hours separated by log type

 2. Materials purchased

7. To add a pricebook item click on the (+)

8. To select an item from your pricebook click on the line titled Look Up Item to view all current pricebook items once you have selected an item click Select or click CREATE to add a new pricebook item.

8a. You can also add an expense by clicking ADD EXPENSE and enter in each available line. Once done click GENERATE INVOICE

  1. Name: Name of the expense. ie: Paint, Nails, Master Tech Labor Rate
  2. Category: Pricebook Category. ie: Labor or Materials
  3. Note: Pricebook Categories can be edited under Settings -> Pricebook Categories
  4. Description: Description of the expense
  5. QTY: Quantity of the expense
  6. Cost Each: This is the amount the expense is costing you
  7. Rate: The dollar amount you are billing out
  8. Ext. Cost: Combined total cost
  9. Bill: Combined total rate

9. Once you click Generate Invoice the status of the workorder changes to Invoiced. You can email the Invoice, edit, and Download PDF of the invoice.

Note: The photo below is an example of the generated invoice. This is an Owner Bill, you'll notice only the rates are shown and all cost are hidden.

Note: The image below is the Downloaded PDF version of the invoice.