Note: This document and video explain how to notify different contacts throughout the workorder process, such as when creating the workorder and scheduling. ie: Owners, Property Managers, & Tenants.

1. To notify the Owner, Tenant, and Property Manager that a workorder is being created start by creating a workorder

Note: If you select a contact to be notified when the workorder is being created they will automatically be checked to be notified when scheduling

Maintain > Workorders > Add Workorder


2. Enter in the workorder details

3. In the Notify Contacts area click each box next to the contact name who you wish to notify

  1. Click the box to check that you wish to notify that specific contact
  2. Contact Method: The method of which the notifications will be sent out. Click to change the contact method
  3. Email & Phone: Email and phone number of the contact. If your contact method is email or SMS make sure the email and phone number are correct

Note: The contacts you select at this point will get a notification that a workorder has been created

4. Click Schedule or Save

Note: If you click Save and go back into the workorder detail page. In the History, you will see the exact notification that was sent out, along with the date and time.

  • Type: Type of Log ie: Audit, Communication, Technician Logs, and Notes
    Note: Communication Logs will always be Type Communication
  • From/To:  Who the message was from ie: The system. Who the message was To ie: Contact Name
  • Message: The exact message/notification that was sent out

Note: If you only want to notify contacts when you are scheduling the workorder, Do Not check to notify contacts when creating the workorder. Instead, check the notify contact box when scheduling the workorder

5. Start by going into a workorder that has not been scheduled and click Schedule

Maintain > Schedules > Scheduler > Select a Workorder

6. Select a Vendor and enter in access details

7. Select the contacts you want to notify

Follow the Instructions below to change the Contact Method & Contact Details

1. Click on the current contact method ie: Email or SMS

2. Select a contact method and click Save

2. To edit or change the contact information click on the current contact information ie: email or phone number
     Note: This will not permanently affect the default contact method

3. Enter in the contact information and click Save


4. When finished selecting contacts to notify click Schedule

(Photo below illustrates the notifications that got sent out to the Owner, Tenant, Property Manager, and Service Tech once the workorder was scheduled)

Note: Once you have selected the contacts to notify when creating the workorder and scheduling the workorder they will automatically be notified throughout the rest of the process. Any changes in scheduling or workorder status will trigger notifications to go out to the contacts that you selected. ie: when the status changes to Completed, notifications will automatically go out to each contact letting them know the workorder is Completed.

If there is a change in the schedule, such as the workorder getting rescheduled by either the vendor or property manager the system will automatically send out notifications letting them know about the schedule change.