The first section is the details that were entered when creating the workorder.

Note: Any information with a dotted line under it can be edited and changed.

1. Financial: Create an Estimate/Bid or see the current invoice in progress. Get information such as the number of billable hours, labor cost, material cost, and all other costs.

2. Access Information: Displays the access method for the workorder. Change or update the access information at any time.

Title & Description: Workorder title and description, both of these can be edited at any time.

Owner Detail: Information for the owner, this information will be on the Owner invoice

Tech Detail: Information for the technician. This information is only seen by you and the technician, it will not appear on the invoice.

Contacts: Contacts specific to this workorder such as the tenant and owner. Send SMS messages to any contact(s) by selecting the box next to their name.

Tasks: Update/Add/Delete tasks for the workorder

Materials: Edit/Update/Delete Materials.
Note: For more information on adding materials click here.

Related Workorders: List of workorders that are related.

History: History of all Audit logs, communication logs, tech logs and notes.
Note: For more information about history within a workorder click here.