How to create a recurring workorder

1. Begin by going to the workorder page and clicking ADD RECURRING

2a. Enter the workorder details (for this example I will be creating a workorder that reoccurs each month) 
    A) Recurring Name
    B) Title (for the created workorder)
    C) Property
    D) Unit
    E) Type
    F) Category
    G) Area
    H) Sevarity
      I) Status
    J) Description
    K) Owner Description

2b. Enter in the recurring details
      A) Start Date
      B) Recurrence (Weekly, Monthly, Yearly)
      C) Recurrence End (No End Date, Number of Occurrences, End on Date)
      D) End After


E) Every (how many months)

F) Day of Month

G) Week
H) Week Day