Note: This document and video explain how to split billable labor cost when invoicing and charging different rates based on location or type of work.

1. When creating an Invoice click Split Labor on Import


Note: You can see in the photo below that the labor has split into 3 different lines Travel, Parts, and Working. This setting allows the user to choose whether to bill for Parts and Travel while still being able to track the full working hours within a workorder. It also allows for the option of setting rates for Travel, Parts, and Working. 

Note: If you would like to default Split Labor by Log Type when invoicing following the instructions below. 

1. To default Split Invoice by Log Type start by clicking Settings

2. Click Company Details

3. Toggle the switch over from Disabled to Enabled

Note: To set different rates for Travel, Parts, and Working follow the instructions below. You can set different rates for Property, Owner, Client, and Vendor.

- To set the rates for your Internal Tech, begin by clicking on a technician. Once on the technician detail page, you can set the rates. 

- To set the rates by property, select a property. 

Note: This setting allows you to bill out at different rates for different properties.

(Photo below demonstrates where to set the rates for properties)

- To set the rate for an owner, select an owner.

(The photo below demonstrates where to set the rates within the owner detail page)

- For users who use clients, you can set the rate by selecting a client and going to the client detail page.

(The photo below demonstrates where to set the rates within the client detail page)