How to complete a workorder in the mobile app

1. Select a workorder 

Note: This can be done from either the WOs page or Today

2. Change the status to Working. Your options are Working, Pause, Parts, & Travel.
Note: You must change the status to Working to begin working in the workorder

Note: Once you change the status to Working, the workorder will now show up in Current

1. Workorder Details: View the workorder details such as assigned to, maintenance limit, and current hours worked.
2. Click to download a PDF of the workorder or email a PDF of the workorder.
3. Notes: Click to add notes
    Photos: Click to add photos such as damage, before, after, and other.
    Materials: Click to add a purchased material
Note: Information such as Access Method, Tech Notes, Description, and Tasks will all be visible to your tech from within the mobile app.

Tasks: In order to complete the workorder each task must be completed
Documents: Displays any documents related to the workorder. ie: Estimate PDF
Note: To view the related documents simply click on the document. (see photo below for reference)

3. To complete the workorder change the status to Completed

4. Enter in resolution notes, take a after photo (if required) then click Finish Work
Note: If the workorder requires a follow up click the follow up required box. That will change the status to Follow Up.