The first half of this document explains how to sync an invoice to Rent Manager. The second half of the document shows what the synced invoice looks like in Rent Manager.

(PMT) Workorder = (RMO) Service Issue
(PMT) Invoice = (RMO) Workorder
(PMT) Pricebook Category = (RMO) Item 

1. Begin by going into a Completed workorder 
    Maintain > Workorders

2. Click Invoice

3. Click Generate Invoice


  • Below is the service issue that was automatically created after creating a workorder in PM Toolbelt.
  • The photo below shows the synced invoice has created a workorder within Rent Managers Service Issue.

Note: The photo below shows only an Owner bill being created because the workorder was completed by an internal service technician. 

  • The photo below demonstrates how a synced invoice from PM Toolbelt to Rent Manager will automatically create the correct Owner, Vendor, or Tenant Bill.  

Note: A PDF of the invoice will be attached to the Owner bill as well in the history within the service issue. Any receipt images will be attached to the owner bill as well.

  • The photo below is a close up of the owner bill.