How to create an inspection template in 4 steps

Step 1: Creating the Template

  1. Begin by clicking the More tab

2. Click Inspection Templates

3. Click the orange circle + sign 

4. Enter in Name & Description

Step 2: Adding Rooms

  1. To add rooms click the 3 line icon in the right corner 

2. Click Add Room

3. Enter a room name then click Save

Step 3: Adding Sections

  1. Click the 3 line icon for the room you want to add sections to

2. Click Add Section

3. Name your section

Repeat step 3 for each room

Note: To save time when making a template for a property with multiple same rooms ie: 4 bed 2 baths, try duplicating the first room than changing the name of the duplicated room.

Step 4: Adding Questions

  1. In this section, you want to add questions to click the grey arrow

2. Click the orange + sign

3. Select a question type
    A. New Text - Type in your answer


B. New Rating - Rate 1 - 5


 C. New Yes/No - Select between Yes or No


 D. New Condition - Good, Bad, Dirty, Broken

Repeat step 4 for each section