1. Select an inspection 

2. Change the status to Working
    Note: To begin working on the inspection the status must be set to Working  


3. Now that the inspection has the status of Working there are things to note.
    A. Inspection details & hours spent working
    B. Selecting this will open a drop-down menu with the following options:
        - Create another inspection
        - Add another room
        - Download PDF report
        - Email PDF report
    C. Access Method
        Note: Any information such as tenant contact information, lockbox information, and keys will be displayed here.
     D. Once the status is set to Working, the inspection will show up under the current tab

4. Scroll to the bottom to view any documents and images related to the inspection. You can view the documents associated with the inspection by clicking on them.
Note: Documents that are typically attached to an inspection include past                    
inspections, tenant images, misc information

5.  Click on a section of a room to begin
      Note: You can quickly see if you have answered all question for a section ie: 0/4, 4/4. 

6. Complete each question
    A. List of Rooms: Click on a room to quickly navigate between them
    B. Notes, Photos, and Videos for that section
         Note: To add learn how to add notes, photos, and videos click here.
    C. Click the orange circle + sign to add a question
    D. Change Section Name, Duplicate Section, or Delete Section

7. Once you have completed the inspection change the status to Workorder Finished

8.  Add any final notes and/or signatures then click Finish Work
Note: If your company settings require a signature before closing click Add Signature 

9. Select the contact that will be signing

10. After signing click Save