Managing a project can be stressful and difficult. This document and video discuss all things projects such as, handling financials, consulting, and workorder tasks. 

This document is split into the 4 Sections within a project. 

  • Section A: Project Details
  • Section B: Workorders
  • Section C: Tasks
  • Section D: Financial 

Section A: Project Details

A) Add a new workorder to the project
    For information on how to add a Workorder to a project click here.
B) Create a task specific to a workorder or specific to the project.
    For information on how to add a New Task to a workorder click here.

Section B: Workorders

A) Search workorders here to add it to the project
B) Quickly view status of the workorders

Section C: Task

The task that is displayed here and task that is for the project. These are different from task specifically within a workorder

A) Task Name
B) Completed/Not Completed
C) Task Description
D) Assign To
    Note: The user who the task is assigned to will have the task displayed on his or her dashboard.
E) Due Date
F) Watcher
    Note: The task will display on the watcher's dashboard until the user it was assigned to complete the task.

Section D: Financial 

The financial area gets its information from the workorders specific to this project.

A) Billable Hours
B) Materials
C) Labor Cost
D) Total Cost
E) Total Estimate
F) Total Bill