If you have a project that requires the same workorder and tasks each time, such as a Turn Over, you'll want to create a project template. Creating a project template will save you time by not having to create each workorder and task individually for every project. 

For this document, I will be creating a Rent Ready Project that I will use before each move in.

1. Under Maintain click Templates
  Maintain > Templates 

2. Click Project Template
   Templates > Project Templates

3. Click Add Template

4. Add the following information
     A) Name
     B) Category
     C) Description 

5. Click Add Workorder Template

6. Enter the workorder information
Note: The Offset Type & Offset are used to determine when the workorder will be created. The Offset Type is how many days before the project starts or ends which is used to determine the due date.
    A) Description
    B) Offset Type
    C) Severity
    D) Offset 

Note: You can either add tasks specifically to the workorder or if you have already created a workorder task template you can select that. For this example I have selected I will be using a task template.


8. Choose a template


Note: Once you have added all the workorders for the project you will need to add tasks.

10. Click Add Task

11. Enter the task details
     A) Task
     B) Offset Type
     C) Description
     D) Assigned To

Note: This is the person who will complete the task. The task will show on his/her dashboard until they check the box that the task was completed. The user will be reminded daily until the task is complete.
E) Add Watchers
Note: The user(s) who are set as a watcher will be notified when the task is completed.
F) Offset  

After you have added all workorders and tasks to the project template you can go back and edit the workorders and tasks. Below is a photo of my fully completed project template.