If you do not have permission to add a new user please contact your company admin. By adding a new company user you may be increasing your monthly price.

To add a company user begin by clicking on the cog wheel in the upper right hand corner and select Settings 

From the general settings page scroll down until you see Company Users right below that click Edit Company Users

Click Add User

Start by adding  in basic contact information such as:  

  • Name
  • Address, City, State, Zip
  • Email 
  • Cell Phone Number

Next you'll choose the default Contact Method, Company Role, Property Group (to view all properties choose view all, to view a select group select the group). If you would like to schedule to this user you will need to associate it with a vendor.

Select a Security Role and Application. To edit security roles please contact support@pmtoolbelt.com 

Now that the user is created select the user from the company list to view the user details 

From the detail page click Generate Login Email. That will send a email to the user to finish creating the account.

You can also save time by manually adding a username and password. To add username click the dotted line to add text. To create a password click Change Password.