This document will go over how to effectively use the messaging feature in the mobile app.

Why did we build this?

Because we listen to our customers, and this was the one of the most commonly asked for feature. Besides that we all know communication is key for any successful business, thats why we have engineered a simple and smart way for technicians in the field to chat with those back in the office or anywhere. This is all done without using their own phone number.

Another key factor is making sure that communication about a certain workorder stays within that workorder. This is very important incase you ever need to show history of communication because or various issues such as disputes, this keeps all conversation about the workorder within that workorder. Also allowing the technician in the field to view past communication incase any other user, maybe someone back at the office, leaves a note or some form of useful information. 

With the messaging this feature also allows those using the mobile app to view all past communication related to the workorder. You might be asking yourself right now, why would this be useful? We all know that a majority of people work remotely at times or are out on the go. Being able to have a mobile app that has as much functionality as the web app is something that we strive for. So with that the communication history within a workorder is very useful information that may need to be referenced at anytime, now you how the power to do so. 

How to effectively use the feature. 

From within your mobile app, in your current workorder click on the green Message button.

Next scroll down to where you see New Message. To view any past messages or communication you can do that from this screen as well. 

Select the contacts you would like to message, if their is no cell phone number listed for that contact it will say (Missing Phone Number). After you have selected the correct contacts and your message is typed click Send

If we look at our mobile phone you will see the messages come through. Being that its 2 way you can respond to the text and it will log in the history as well as notify the technician in the field that a message was sent.

To view the message that was sent, click on the green Message button. In the photo below you can view the conversation between the property manager and a technician in the field. This way there is always a clear communication channel between technicians in the field and employees back in the office.